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This page is designed basically so people don't have any trouble navigating through this site.

MWFC Web Page Structure.

This site is structured like a family tree. Links are automatically put in place at the bottom, and sometimes top, of the page you are browsing. These links make navigation bars (see next section) and make it possible to browse the site without knowing the exact name and location of each page. The site is structured in 4 levels starting with the home page (index.htm) as the first page. The structure is illustrated in figure 1.0

MWFC Structure.jpg (17810 bytes)
(Figure 1.0)

Navigation bars.

A navigation bar is a row of either buttons (Button bars only appear at the top of pages under the page banner) or text links (Text bars only appear at the very bottom of the page). Every page has a text bar. Some pages also have a button bar. If a page has a button bar then this indicates that the page has pages below it. The text bars indicate that the page has pages above it or on the same level.


As you can see from figure 1.0 above, there are only 5 pages with pages below them (This was true at the time of upload but may have changed now). These 5 pages will have button bars near the top of the page and text bars at the bottom of the page linking them to the page that they orriginaly came from, all pages on the same level as them and all pages linking below them.. The other 27 pages will only have text bars at the bottom linking them to all pages on the same level and the single page that it originally linked from.

What do I do when I get lost?

Fortunately you can't get lost in this web site. The text bar always has a link to "Home" (The first page in the site) and the next level "Up" (If you keep going "Up" then you will eventually reach the very top).

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