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The Song History

The Club History







The Song:

The Monash Whites theme song is sung to the tune of “Halls of Montezuma”, the marines’ hymn (see link below). No one that i've met so far can tell me for sure where or who we actually got the song off/from but Mike Petrescu believes that we stole it from an Eastern Suburbs Team, maybe Ringwood. The song was then stolen from us by current AFL premiers Adelaide. The song's original words (as sung by the whites) are below however it is sung a little differently after victorious matches. In recent years there has also been the addition of what is known as Song 2. However the words and music will not be published here as this site would be closed down for displaying abusive language! Below is the original words to the song and a link to the actual music. For more information about "Halls of Montezuma" follow this link.

We are the Whites who strive for victory
We are the team and we are strong
The other teams we'll meet and show them
To think they'll beat us, they are wrong!
We always play together as a team
Our aim is always for the ball
We play it hard
We play it fair
We never shirk
We're always there
For we’re the mighty MONASH WHITES!

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The Club:




A brief history of the Monash Whites Football Club

Opening its doors at Wellington Road in Clayton in 1961, Monash University is now Australia’s largest uni, with over 47,000 students and staff at its six Victorian campuses, and a new campus opening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the University’s second year, Monash University Football Club entered the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA), winning the E Section premiership upon debut and then being runner-up in D Section the next season.

1964 saw the birth of the Football Club’s second team, the MONASH WHITES, who commenced in the newly created VAFA F Section. A finalist in our first year, the WHITES missed the 1965 finals and then went into a five-year hiatus, along with the F Section competition itself.

Both F Section and the MONASH WHITES returned in season 1971. A consistent side throughout the early years of its second coming, the WHITES won the F Reserve Premiership in 1972, whilst the Seniors made the finals in four out of five years. This run culminated on Grand Final day in 1975, with the WHITES (16.10) defeating Heatherton (13.13) to claim our first senior premiership.

Despite winning a third of our games in E Grade in 1976, the WHITES were relegated at the end of the season, and struggled through some reasonable and some poor years, not making the finals again until 1984 - our longest draught.

Though minor premiers, the WHITES lost both finals in ‘84 to finish third, and then spiralled downward, falling close to extinction. Our nadir was reached in late 1985, with severe player shortages, two meetings held to consider disbanding, the coach and the club parting ways, and the club considering the unthinkable - a merger with the Monash Blues. Originally two teams within the one football club, the WHITES and Blues had parted in the late ‘70s on less than amicable terms. Whilst the relationship had improved, a natural antipathy endured.

The mighty WHITES, however, survived these traumas and, with the VAFA’s introduction of the one team (no reserve grade) G Section in 1986, the club was handed a lifeline that it grabbed with both hands.

G Section runners-up in the competition’s first year, the club made the finals in four of the next six years, losing the by now G South Section Grand Final in 1992, after being minor premiers at the end of the home and away season.

1993 saw the VAFA change the G South and North Sections to the Club XVIII. After a year in Club XVIII South, the WHITES moved up to E South Section in season 1994, fielding a MONASH WHITES reserve side for the first time since 1985.

After three years of hard graft in E South, with player numbers again becoming a concern, the WHITES returned to Club XVIII (2) Section in 1997, making the finals for the first time in five seasons.

August 23rd 1998 saw the MONASH WHITES (8.11) come from behind at half time to defeat Kew (7.6) and claim the club’s second senior premiership, crowning a year in which the team lost only one game.

In thirty years of senior competition we have played in thirteen finals' series. We finished fourth on three occasions, third six times, been runners-up twice and champions twice.

After two years in Club XVIII the Whites move back to F Section for season 1999, fielding a reserve side once more.

The MONASH WHITES FOOTBALL CLUB is approaching the new millenium looking to build on its 1998 success. The club will continue to strive to provide a place for Monash students, staff, graduates, families and friends to play the great game and be involved with the management and support of the team. The club has a history of fighting its way back from adversity and a rich history of wonderful personalities and people. Now, we have another Premiership Cup! Car’n the mighty WHITES!



The MONASH WHITES Football Club is trying to regain contact with players and supporters from its thirty-season past. Please contact the Club Secretary at <forbes@sjrc.aust.com> with your contact details or with the contact details of any ex-WHITES whose current whereabouts you are able to help us with.

Any assistance in continuing to record our history, either WHITES’ anecdote or WHITES’ fact, would also be greatly received. We particularly would appreciate any information from ’64, ’65 and the ‘70s. Please contact <petro@maxi.net.au> with any historical insight you can provide.

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